Skull the Slayer

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Skull the Slayer Marvel Comics produced their Skull the Slayer comic book between August 1975 and November 1976. The title lasted 8 issues.

The title concerned the adventures of James Patrick Scully, whose plane gets lost over the Bermuda Triangle and transports him and his multifarious crew to a sci-fi/fantasy land (not unlike that in the Saturday morning TV series Land of the Lost where all sorts of wonders exist side-by-side. Scully finds a belt that gives him enhanced strength and possibly other powers as well, and becomes something of an unorthodox superhero (which is how all Marvel fantasy and sci-fi characters end up, anyway). In the meantime Scully - now renamed Skull the Slayer - fights off dinosaurs, aliens, cavemen, and all sorts of time-crossed foes.

The title, while being interesting enough (especially as the sort of book where the artists and writers were willing to try anything), didn't quite gel, and readers never really took to it in sufficient numbers. Scully's story remained unfinished for some time until the character was later revived for a couple of issues of Marvel Two-in-One and became more a part of the larger Marvel Universe.