Strange Tales

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Strange Tales Strange Tales was a long-running Marvel title that began in 1951 as a mystery-horror-weird story anthology. It was much like several other Marvel titles of the time - Tales of Suspense or Journey Into Mystery, for example. Like those books, once the parade of superheroes began in the early-to-mid 60's, the title changed to accommodate their adventures.

The Human Torch, the teenaged hero from Fantastic Four, started appearing in solo adventures in Strange Tales beginning with issue #101 in 1962. The second half of the book still featured the usual mix of weird & strange stories.

This began to change the next year with issue #110, when a sorcerer named Doctor Strange made his first appearance. Drawn by the imaginative Steve Ditko, Strange's adventures became more phantasmagorical as the 60's wore on, making Strange Tales one of the titles favored by college kids who were starting to get into Marvel comics of the period.

With issue #135, Sgt. Nick Fury - who had for years been a World War II character as leader of a platoon of ethnically-cliched commandos - suddenly reappeared as Nick Fury, agent of SHIELD - an international organization devoted to fighting terrorism and crime. The character was a response to the then-current craze for spy fiction that had taken place in movies, on TV, and seemingly everywhere else in popular culture. Fury and Dr. Strange would share the title throughout the remainder of this part of its run; it would become a Doctor Strange solo book taking over with issue #169.

The title would reappear briefly in the 70's when it relaunched with its own #169, featuring an unpopular character called Brother Voodoo. Various horror stories were printed until #178, when the character of Adam Warlock (formerly known as only 'Him') by Jim Starlin, began. Warlock would prove a popular character, who soon saw his own title relaunched. After a few more Dr. Strange reprints, the title was stopped all together, seemingly for good.