Tales Of Suspense

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Tales of Suspense Tales of Suspense started in 1959 much like Marvel's other horror/weird/mystery titles of the period, but with somewhat more of an emphasis on science fiction.

It would remain so, just another Atlas strange-mystery title on the newsstands, until issue #39, cover dated March 1963, when a character called Iron Man first appeared. The character would prove popular, of course, and as the title wore on, Iron Man's basic situation and mythology - and even his metallic costume - would evolve to become one of the more entertaining superhero storylines Marvel Comics would ever feature.

Iron Man's adventures would dominate the title throughout the series's run (it lasted until issue #99); its greatest period began #59, when Captain America's adventures would share the book with those of the Golden Avenger. Many of Iron Man's and Captain America's important enemies, supporting characters, and ongoing plotlines would emerge during this time.