Terrors Of Dracula

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Terrors of Dracula Modern Day Periodicals (aka Eerie Publications). 8 issues, May 1979 - September 1981.

Terrors Of Dracula was a late entry into Eerie's horror-comics line of magazines; in fact, its first issue was published after Stanley Harris left Eerie and struck out on his own, so that it appears under the Modern Day imprint. But in many ways the Eerie influence remains.

This was the first Eerie comic magazine title to feature a single character. Dracula was a hot property again after Frank Langella made the Count sexy first on Broadway and then on film; thus Harris must have thought it a safe bet to name a new publication after the vampire (although one wonders about his target audiences - Dracula had become in many ways a children's character, but the magazines were too rough for kids; and the women who swooned at Langella's performance certainly weren't going to pick up a lurid horror comic mag).

As with most of the Eerie magazines, individual issues can be found inexpensively for the most part, but putting together a full run of any title can prove rather difficult. This is especially true for Terrors Of Dracula, which came toward the end of the Eerie era.