That Wilkin Boy

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That Wilkin Boy That Wilkin Boy was a comic book series about a rambunctious 17-year-old teenage boy, Bingo Wilkin, who lived in Midville, next door to his girlfriend, Samantha Smythe. That Wilkin Boy debuted in 1969, and ran until #52 in 1982. The series had much in common with other Archie titles - a somewhat clumsy everyman character (Bingo) dates, hangs out with his friends, and causes general mayhem among antagonists (including his girlfriend's father, reflecting Archie's own relationship with Mr. Lodge, and the Reggie-like Tough Teddy).

The Series Characters:
- Woodrow 'Bingo' Wilkin, III, the brown-haired rambunctious 17-year-old boy who's a popular student at Midville High School. He's steady with his girlfriend Samantha (see below), which is a source of trouble for her father. Bingo also leads his pop rock group The Bingoes—he's the lead vocalist and plays lead guitar. He also plays sports for Midville High School.
- Samantha Smythe, a vivacious squash-blonde-haired 17-year-old. Samantha is Bingo's steady girlfriend, much to the chagrin of her tough, militant-minded father. She also fills-in with a tambourine with The Bingoes.
- Tough Teddy, a slim, muscular, and machismic 18-year-old young man who knows how to play "cool". He sports closely-cropped black hair, thick eyebrows, and sunglasses. Teddy plays bass guitar for The Bingoes.
- Buddy Drumhead, a softspoken 17-year-old hippie chum of Teddy's, who plays the drums in The Bingoes. He also likes to ride his motorbike.
- Rebel, a golden orange spotted beagle with the power of conscious thought. He often comes to Bingo's aid in a pinch.
- Woodrow "Willie" Wilkin, Jr., Bingo's father.
- Wilma Wilkin, Bingo's mother.
- Uncle Herman, the uncle to both Bingo and Jughead Jones.
- Samson Smythe, the militant-minded, muscular old father who hates the sights (and sounds) of his daughter going out steady with Bingo. He often picks fights with the neighbors, and (tries to) foil Bingo and his pals. In one story, he was nicknamed "Hurricane".
- Sheila Smythe, his down-to-earth homemaker wife.
- Mr. Parker, the phys ed teacher and sports director at Midville High School.