Tragg and the Sky Gods

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Tragg and the Sky Gods Tragg and the Sky Gods was a comic book series published by Gold Key between June 1975 and February 1977; it lasted for eight issues. (An issue #9 was published by Whitman in 1982; it reprinted the first Gold Key issue.)

Tragg and the Sky Gods was a mixture of science fiction and barbaric sword-and-sorcery. The storyline involved a pair of prehistoric people, male Tragg and female Lorn, who were superior to their fellow Stone Age peoples by virtue of having their mothers' DNA altered by visiting aliens. The pair's intelligence and abilities would come in handy when more hostile aliens invaded their exotic landscape (which included dinosaurs, active volcanoes, etc).

The plot device that triggered the series owed much to the then-popular theories of writer Erich von Däniken, who wrote such books as Chariots of the Gods?; these postulated that the great works of ancient man (such as the Egyptian pyramids) were due in part to extraterrestrial assistance, and further that in man's distant past, extraterrestrials helped our species advance in development.

Tragg first appeared in a story in Gold Key's Mystery Comics Digest #3 in April of 1972. He would appear again in issue #9 before getting his own series. A final Tragg story would be printed in the anthology title Gold Key Spotlight after the demise of this series.

Tragg and the Sky Gods was created by writer Don Glut and artist Jesse Santos.