Turok Son of Stone

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Turok Turok, Son of Stone was a comic book title published first by Dell Comics through issue #29 in Sept 1962; thereafter it was published by Gold Key Comics until April of 1982. The character had first appeared in Dell's Four Color #596, Oct/Nov 1954; this was counted in the numbering as being the first issue of the series.

Turok was a pre-Columbian Native American who, along with his brother Andar, became trapped in Lost Valley, an apparently other- dimensional world populated by dinosaurs, which they refer to by their own names (Tyrannosaurs are called "Runners", Pterosaurs are called "Flyers", Velociraptors are "Screamers", etc.), as well as other humanoids. Most stories involved Turok and Andar seeking a way out of Lost Valley, or falling afoul of some local tribe of primitives.

After two appearances in "Four Color" #596 and #656, the title ran 27 issues (#3-29) from publisher Dell Comics (1956–62); then issues #30-125 (1962–80) from Gold Key Comics; and finally issues #126-130 (1981–82) back under the Whitman Comics imprint.

The character of Turok was later revived by publishers Valiant Comics and Acclaim Comics, and was the subject of a successful video game, Turok, Dinosaur Hunter.