War Is Hell

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War Is Hell War Is Hell was a horror/war comic book series from Marvel that lasted for 15 issues, from Jan 1973 to Oct 1975. For its first six issues, it featured reprints of old war comics, followed by two issues of reprints of Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos. Beginning in issue #9, the series featured new material; taking the series title literally, the star of the series became Death, who forced a dishonorable Polish man named John Kowalski, killed in the Invasion of Poland, to die countless deaths from other lives.

During the series, Kowalski inhabited different bodies of those about to die, not necessarily of the same side or gender, sometimes not even the same time period (although set primarily during World War II, including both the European and Pacific theatres), and needed to change things for the better before he was killed. Death would summon him from the nether regions each story, and Kowalski wondered how many times he would have to do so as penance. The series was created by writers Tony Isabella, Roy Thomas, and Chris Claremont with an uncredited assist from Steve Gerber on issue #9, and artists Dick Ayers and Frank Springer.