Weird Mystery Tales

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Weird Mystery Tales DC Comics' horror anthology title Weird Mystery Tales was published between July-August 1972 and November 1975, lasting for 24 issues.

The book was originally hosted by a hooded character called Destiny, but was gradually taken over by the female Eve, who fully assumed the title with issue #15 (December 1974-January 1975). Early issues printed material by Jack Kirby that had been intended for his black-and-white, magazine-size DC comic, Spirit World, which lasted only one issue. (Destiny and Eve would later appear in Neil Gaiman's bestselling Sandman series.)

Weird Mystery Tales boasted an impressive list of contributors, including Kirby, Berni Wrightson, Howard Purcell, Michael William Kaluta, and such Filipino artists as Tony DeZuniga, Nestor Redondo, and Alfredo Alcala.