Weird Vampire Tales

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Weird Vampire Tales Modern Day (Eerie Publications). 9 issues, April 1979 - March 1982.

This is one of the last titles to come from the Eerie Publishing offices (although it was produced under the banner of Modern Day). By this time founders Myron Fass and Stanley Harris had pretty much ended their partnership (according to legend, Fass actually gave Harris a beating in front of employees), and Eerie, as a publishing unit, would soon disappear.

This title, unfortunately, consisted largely of reprinted stories and artwork from previous Eerie efforts. It's just as well: things were coming to an end. The last issue of this title, volume 5 number 3 (March 1982), would be one of the very last magazines put out by the company. By the end of the next year, of course, their longtime competitor Warren would be out of business as well.

Back issues of Weird Vampire Tales are somewhat harder to find than many other Eerie books, mainly owing to the situation revolving around the dissolution of the company.