Weird on Ebay
Weird magazine Eerie Publications. 67 issues, January 1966 - November 1981.

This was Eerie's first and most voluminous horror-comics title, running a solid 15 years. It pretty much set the trend for how the company's other comic titles went: so-so black and white comics, often reprints, surrounded by an outrageously grotesque cover, with new stories showing up in about 1969.

The numbering of Weird issues is enough to give collectors fits. Each year's output was part of a different volume number, with varying numbers of issues per volume. Plus, there were two issues designated volume 8, number 4; one was dated August 1974 and the other October 1974.

Back issues of Weird are not difficult to locate individually necessarily, but - as with most of Eerie's output - putting together a full run of issues in decent condition can be a nightmare.