Werewolf By Night

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Werewolf By Night Marvel's Werewolf By Night was its primary werewolf comic title during the 1970's. It ran for 43 issues, from September 1972 to March 1977. The character had first appeared in Marvel Spotlight #2 and ran for 3 issues there; he was also featured in Giant-Size Werewolf (part of Marvel's Giant Size series) for 4 issues, as well as Giant-Size Creatures.

The character was introduced in 1972 due mainly to the fact that the previous year, the Comics Code Authority had relaxed its decades-long restrictions on monsters appearing in newsstand comics, so that Marvel felt comfortable enough to launch a plethora of titles featuring the classic movies monsters, which also included Frankenstein, the Tomb of Dracula, and the Mummy appearing in Supernatural Thrillers. The monsters would also appear in a number of magazines published by Marvel, such as Vampire Tales.

The comic mainly dealt with the plight of Jack Russell, who once a month was transformed into a werewolf, and his efforts to rid himself of the curse, as well as the inevitable conflicts in which his hairy alter-ego found himself. The werewolf naturally found himself battling other werewolves, evil cultists, even Dracula.

Issue #32 (August 1975) introduced an antagonist named Moon Knight who would eventually become a very popular Marvel superhero with his own title in the following decade.