Wham-O Giant Comics

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Wham-O Giant Comics In 1967, the Wham-O Manufacturing Co. commissioned and published a comic book, to be sold in retail outlets and containing ads for Wham-O toys. At 14 inches by 21 inches, it was - and probably still is - the largest-format comic book ever made. It was cover-priced at 98 cents for 52 pages.

The content of the comic ranged from science fiction and superheroes to goofy humor. Creators who are known to have worked on the material include Wally Wood, John Stanley (of Little Lulu fame), Ernie Colon, and Lou Fine. Due to the variety and nature of the strips, it's unclear whether the stories were commissioned specifically for this project, or whether they were originally created for other outlets. The inside back cover offered an illustrated series of allegedly true flying saucer reports. The wraparound cover, featuring the various characters from within the comic and done in their respective artists' styles, was credited to W. T. Vinson.

Although only one issue was produced, there was apparently ambition for a series. Print advertisements offered 3- and 6-issue subscriptions; and television ads were produced and shown (at least in the Los Angeles area).

Despite the April 1967 printing date, the comic was apparently available at downmarket retail outlets for several years, either through continued distribution from the Wham-O corporation, or having been dumped in bulk on an unreceptive marketplace. The unwieldy size of the comic probably contributed to its lack of success.