What If

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What If? What If? was a Marvel Comics title that played with the basic continuity and characters of the universe that the company had created after decades' worth of stories. The stories mainly appealed to hardcore Marvel comics collectors (i.e., those who would know the fictional history beforehand) but had enough drama and derring-do to appeal to general readers who picked up the books as well. (Marvel's competitor, DC Comics, during the 1960's had published several 'what-if' tales, there called 'imaginary stories,' within the Superman titles edited by Mort Weisinger.)

The first series ran for 47 issues, from February 1977 to October 1984. A special Iron Man issue appeared in 1988, followed by a more ambitious (and successful) second volume that lasted for 114 issues between July 1989 and November 1998.

The What If? storylines consisted of:
#1 - What if Spider-Man joined the Fantastic Four?
#2 - What if the Hulk had the brain of Bruce Banner?
#3 - What if the Avengers had never been?
#4 - What if the Invaders stayed together after World War II?
#5 - What if Captain America hadn't vanished during World War II?
#6 - What if the Fantastic Four had different super-powers?
#7 - What if someone else besides Spider-Man had been bitten by the radioactive spider?
#8 - What if the world knew Daredevil was blind?
#9 - What if the Avengers fought evil in the 1950s?
#10 - What if Jane Foster had found the hammer of Thor?
#11 - What if the original Marvel Bullpen had become the Fantastic Four?
#12 - What if Rick Jones had become the Hulk?
#13 - What if Conan the Barbarian walked the earth today?
#14 - What if Sgt. Fury had fought World War 2 in outer space?
#15 - What if Nova had been four other people?
#16 - What if Shang-Chi, Master of Kung Fu, fought on the side of Fu Manchu?
#17 - What if Ghost Rider, Spider-Woman, Captain Marvel were villains?
#18 - What if Dr. Strange were a disciple of Dormammu?
#19 - What if Spider-Man had never become a crimefighter?
#20 - What if the Avengers fought the Kree-Skrull War without Rick Jones?
#21 - What if Invisible Girl of the Fantastic Four married the Sub-Mariner?
#22 - What if Dr. Doom had become a hero?
#23 - What if the Hulk had become a barbarian?
#24 - What if Gwen Stacy had lived?
#25 - What if Thor and the Avengers fought the gods?
#26 - What if Captain America had been elected president?
#27 - What if Phoenix had not died?
#28 - What if Daredevil became an agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.?
#29 - What if the Avengers defeated everybody?
#30 - What if Spider-Man's clone lived?
#31 - What if Wolverine had killed the Hulk?
#32 - What if the Avengers had become pawns of Korvac?
#33 - What if Dazzler had become the herald of Galactus?/What if Iron Man was trapped in the time of King Arthur?
#34 - Humor issue (various)
#35 - What if Elektra had lived?
#36 - What if the Fantastic Four had not gained their super-powers?
#37 - What if the Beast and the Thing continued to mutate?
#38 - What if featuring Daredevil and Captain America
#39 - What if Thor battled Conan the Barbarian?
#40 - What if Dr. Strange had not become master of the mystic arts?
#41 - What if Sub-Mariner had saved Atlantis from its... Destiny?
#42 - What if the Invisible Girl had died in Childbirth?
#43 - What if Conan the Barbarian was stranded in the 20th century?
#44 - What if Captain America were revived today?
#45 - What if the Hulk went berserk?
#46 - What if Spider-Man's Uncle Ben had lived?
#47 - What if Loki had found the hammer of Thor?