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Wilbur Comics Wilbur Comics was an MLJ/Archie Comics title that ran for 90 issues, from Summer of 1944 to October 1965. The book starred Wilbur Wilkin ('The Son of Fun'), a girl-crazy teenaged boy very much in the Archie mode - except that Wilbur actually first appeared 3 months prior to Archie, in Zip Comics #18 (September 1941). For whatever reason, though, Wilbur was always eclipsed by the popular redhead - and by the mid-1960's had disappeared from the comic world completely. (His surname would live on, of course, in the title That Wilkin Boy, which started in 1969.) In addition to his own title, Wilbur also made appearances in Pep Comics.

One important footnote is that issue #5 introduced Katy Keene, a character who would quickly gain her own series and become immensely popular with girl comics readers of the era. (Also, the Wilbur story in #5 was almost identical to that starring the Archie gang in Archie Comics #1 - only with Wilbur replacing Archie in the protagonist spot.)