World's Finest

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World's Finest Comics DC Comics published their title World's Finest Comics between Summer of 1941 and January 1986, ending with issue #323. (The first issue had been titled World's Best Comics.)

After the initial World's Best issue, the series was initially a 96 page quarterly anthology, featuring various DC characters - always including Superman and Batman - in separate stories. When superheroes fell out of vogue in the early 1950's, DC shortened the size of the publication to that of the rest of its output, leaving only enough space for one story; this led to Superman and Batman appearing in the same story together starting with issue #71 (July 1954). The series continued to feature Superman and Batman team-ups until issue #197.

The title briefly featured Superman teaming with heroes other than Batman in the early 1970's beginning with issue #198 (November 1970). That issue featured the first part of a two-issue team-up with the Flash. Other characters to appear in the next two years included Robin, Green Lantern, Aquaman, Wonder Woman, the Teen Titans, Doctor Fate, Hawkman, Green Arrow, the Martian Manhunter, the Atom, and the Vigilante.

The series reverted to Superman and Batman team-ups after issue #214, initially with a unique twist, featuring the children they might one day have, Superman Jr. and Batman Jr. These characters, billed as the Super-Sons, were co-created by writer Bob Haney and artist Dick Dillin in issue #215 (January 1973).

With issue #244 (April-May 1977), World's Finest Comics became one of the first 80 page Dollar Comics which featured the World's Finest team with back-up features such as Green Arrow, Black Canary, Wonder Woman, Vigilante, the Creeper, Shazam!, Black Lightning, Hawkman, Red Tornado, Zatanna and Plastic Man. With #283 (September 1982), the series reverted to a standard format title again featuring only Superman and Batman team-ups, which continued until the series' cancellation in 1986 with issue #323.