Young Love

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Young Love Young Love was published first by Prize/Crestwood between Feb./March 1949 through June/July 1963; thereafter, starting with #39, it was published by DC Comics until #126 in July of 1977.

After the Sept/Oct 1947 release of Crestwood/Prize's genre-launching Young Romance comic, (arguably the first romance comic[, by the prolific team of Joe Simon & Jack Kirby sold millions of copies, the company swiftly prepared a separate, spin-off title to capitalize on the success of this new genre. Launched amid imitators from (among others) Quality Comics, Fawcett Publications, Fox Features Syndicate, and Timely Comics, Crestwood/Prize's companion title Young Love was released less than a year and a half after the debut of Young Romance, and also sold well.

Launched in February 1949, the title ran initially for 73 issues, until December 1956. Four months later (Apr/May 1957), Prize launched All for Love, which ran for 17 issues until Feb/Mar 1959, when it went on a year's hiatus, returning the following year and retitled Young Love. This retitled series then ran for 21 issues between February 1960 and June 1963, whereupon Crestwood/Prize sold this - and al other - titles to DC Comics, who produced a further 88 issues between 1963 and 1977.